30 Sep

Things to know to play Airdrop – Bounty earn free coins

In to earn free coins in the game Airdrop – Bounty, we need to know what we cover later. Watch the video to make it easier to grasp!

Ethereum address

In most Airdrop – Bounty games on the Ethereum token platform, ETH addresses are used to receive gifts after the end of the game.

Video tutorial on creating Ethereum wallet

Bitcoin address

Bitcoin is a differentiated Coin, with almost no new token on the foundation of bitcoin. However we should also know how to create a Bitcoin wallet to receive the common share from Game faucet.

Video tutorial how to make a Bitcoin wallet

Stellar addresses (XLM)

Recently, Stellar coin also has many developers relying on token development. So to earn free tokens from this platform requires us to have a Stellar wallet address.

Video tutorial creating Stellar addresses (XLM)

Neo wallet address

Neo is one of the platforms launching many Airdrops – Bounty so we should learn how to create Neo wallet so as not to miss the delicious opportunity coming from Airdrop – Bounty Neo.

Video tutorial creating Neo wallet

Above is how to create a popular crypto wallet address in Airdrop – Bounty.


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